What do you mean by this term?
Is it someone whose tuning and wavelength in completely in tandem with yours? Someone who knows what exactly is going on in your head in a given situation. Someone who knows how exactly you are going to react to any situation. Someone who has always been there for you no matter what the situation has been. Someone who knows that you need coffee NOW and while coming to meet you, gets you a cup or calls you to Barista/CCD just to meet up with you. Someone with whom you are YOU and 100% at that. Someone with whom you find that instant ‘click’. Someone who completes your sentences for you. Someone who can make you laugh  when you are shipwrecked. Someone who you think of immediately for sharing a dirty SMS or major gossip. Someone who calls you up, when you think of calling (him/her) up . Someone who calls you up and empties his/her world of frustration on you and ends up feeling better. Someone who shares his/her minutest of details of how the day went by and you are still interested in knowing some more at the end of the 30 minute long conversation. Someone who makes sure that you are well taken care of no matter whichever part of the world you are in. Someone who’d call you up knowing fully that you are snowed under work,  just to say “hi bewakoof” and giggles away to glory when you start abusing him/her. Someone whose likes and dislikes about anything and everything matches with that of yours.

Is he/she your soulmate then??

PS: I’m gonna come back to update this post. Since I’m observing a lot more than what I’ve written above. 🙂

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The Hunting Party.. GRR!

Some news from my end, FINALLY! The building deal has almost got through. We have received the cheques and are supposed to vacate by the end of this month. Considering the frequency of the posts here, I guess my next post would be from our newly rented apartment. 🙂 INSHALLAH!

The actual turmoil has really started now. Four people and 4 different kinds of opinions. Consensus?? Naw! We have stubbornness issues you see..  The group of 4 has been divided into a team of 2. Me n Ram and Ma and Pa. Me n Ram do the running around Bombay searching for a decent nest to park our butts temporarily for around 18-22  months, while Ma and Pa will decide on the budget and what needs to be shifted and what needs to be disposed off. So the Hunt has begun.

We are not very hung-up on where we want a house, but we are very adamant on how the big the flat should be. So its ok if we are getting a bungalow in Kasara but it better be a bungalow. Traveling?? Oh well.. And I’m like WHATEVER!

So weekends are getting spent hunting for a decent flat in the suburbs. I’m using the word hunting again and again since, it looks so. One flat in a minute is seen and scrutinized by atleast half a dozen family. I’m not exaggerating and God knows that. Its a freaking sellers market.

And who said flat are getting sold at “rate/sq. ft”? Yesterday, one family bought a 1 BHK flat for 50 lacs! I dont have any clue of where the actual location is, what the area is.. All that I know is that the location in somewhere in Kandivli. And the deal happened right in front of my eyes, with Ram in tow. Our jaws just dropped and its still there at the broker’s office. So there goes our dream of buying a nice 1BHK in Kandivli. Have always loved that place. Cant afford a bloody 50 lac house people. And when some silent dreams break, they dont make noise but they just tear your heart and hopes apart. Well…

Anyways, I dont want to talk much about all this here, since there’s no point removing my frustration here. Im just praying that something comes up and we all leave this place with our sanity intact. Over and out!

PS: The hunt in this sun and heat is only making everything all the more funnier.

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March! Is that a verb (or order) or a month?

It feels like its been eons since I came here! Blame it on the ever popular “Scarcity of time”. Nah, seriously, I’m just not able to squeeze off time to come here and do my stuff. Anyways, now that I’m here, I did read the new posts from all the blogrolled links and I feel so nice. Dont know why, but yes, I’m feeling good. This feeling could also be attributed to the fact that I just woke up from an hour of afternoon siesta. 😛

For starters, let me talk about whats happening in my personal life: No change. Status quo being maintained. I find it boring since I, by nature, am a very adventurous person. I need too many things to keep me going. But off-late have come to terms with “No news is good news” thing. Atleast there are no nasty surprises. But what is life without these is what my head asks me (see I told you I need my life to be eventful, even if its as lame as me ranting about spilling a mug full of coffee all-over my more than white dupatta!) Well had been to the amazing Goa a couple of weeks back and came back all rejuvenated. Did some super crazy things, and had a whale of a time. Now back to the rut, filth, grime and the noise-dust pollution.

Work life? Ahem… Got my appraisal done but thats about it. I’m just not motivated anymore. Its ok. I got o work, I do my work and then I get out. If at all I get time to look around, I find people wasting their time and that irritates me. Not coz I dont get to do all those, but coz, they get away with it easily since the “extra” work gets delegated to me in a jiffy! There are people who slaughter time by chatting on Gtalk, IP messengers, land-line phones, cellphones, etc. From where on earth do these people get so many calls? Are these blokes so important in other people’s lives? Or are the guys calling these guys just as wasted? No clue!!!

Got selected in the ‘Editor Group’ for the organization magazine, so this is something that has really kept me excited off-late. Getting to bunk work officially without having to take leave (and there by ensuring a good reserve of leaves), learning about whats happening in other areas of work, meeting new people n all is making me happy, I must admit.

Another day of holiday (Gudi Padwa) comes to an end. That reminds me that professionally and personally I’m in the  most important month of the year. March. Professionally insanely important since its the year end and being a banker, sometimes I’ve to be reminded by a colleague to have a bathroom break (I’m serious, this guy reminds me, else, we are totally snowed under work and more work). Personally its super special since I grow a year younger in this very same month. :).. heck, I’m gonna be 28 in a few days! Wowwiee! 8) Lets see how this month treats me.

Stopping here for now..

PS: Happy Gudi Padwa to all! 🙂

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2009 for me was..

Sitting back in my balcony with a cuppa coffee I was just thinking on how my life was in 2009. Bad, that’s the only word I could come up with to sum it all. Big deal! Life does screw everyone, doesn’t it? At the end of the day what matters is I’m still alive and kicking. 🙂

Anyways, let me just throw out the words that have gathered at the end of my fingers.

Jan 2009: By far, the worst month in 2009. Had just come out of a crazy misunderstanding with someone in December 2008 after which I had to face shit again. I take the blame since I didn’t have the guts to say what was required to be said, just coz I thought he was a friend and I couldn’t hurt a friend, could I? Anyways, what happened was expected but theek hai, lesson learnt : SO WHAT IF HE/SHE IS YOUR FRIEND. DO WHAT’S REQUIRED AND SAY WHAT NEEDS TO BE SAID.

Feb 2009: The best month of 2009! Got super gifts for Valentines Day and then the Goa trip happened! Something that every girl would want is a hand-in-hand walk alongside a beach with her loved one. I got one this time and the fact that it happened in Goa was an icing on the cake! Being fans of ‘walking’ we literally overdid it. LOL. Walked straight from Candolim beach to Calangute beach till Souza Lobo arrived. Thats a good 6 and a half KMs (please correct me if I’m wrong).

March 2009: Ah! Again gifts and more gifts (for my birthday). I’ve already blogged about it, so won’t write much. All I’d say is I’ve a wonderful family and super cool friends. May God bless them.

April 2009: Ok. Nothing much happened except that the office crap started from this month. Phew!

May 2009: My place is supposedly up for redevelopment. The builder has been promising us all the nice pictures (that he got for the presentation to nab the redev deal) since the last 5 years now, but it was only during May 2009 that we thought “yes, finally its happening”. The fact that we are still in the same dilapidated building with roofs falling off and leaking and peeling off should answer the question “what’s happening on the redev front?” Honestly, my family is gearing up for Monsoon and Pee water 2010 here. The builders’ lobby I tell you….!

June 2009: My preggs co-sister and niece flew down from Malaysia and that was the main highlight of this month. The announcement of the arrival of yet another grandchild, opened a new set of pressure list for me. :(. Oh how could I forget!! My office shifted from being on the road to being built atop a mountain! Cost cutting they say, but I ask “Heard of something called BCP?” Anyways, management decides and we follow.

July 2009: Leaky roof tops. I’m sad we have not been able to afford a house yet. We dont really deserve what we go through during monsoons. Its sad. In fact this is all I can think of for this month!

August 2009: While the office mess continued, here I was dealing with attitudes being thrown at me, being insulted in front of everyone and all. Made some new friends at work and their words did soothe me. So thanks to all of them.

September 2009: After Jan 2009, this was the second worst! Mess at work intensified and my integrity was questioned. This had me seethe in anger and in a fit I just rammed a resignation letter and threw at my boss’ face. Called up Zack (I remember) and howled my ass out. I cried for more than 4 hours that day. It took me weeks to come out of this. No amount of music or books helped. Even as I type this, a tear escapes my eyes.

October 2009: Nothing much happened this month. It was Diwali time and I was still depressed. That’s when I decided to put my heart n soul in decorating my house. Which I did and had an amazing time!

November 2009: Pretty uneventful for me. But really off putting for a good friend (now). So time went by in trying to heal him.

December 2009: Babe of the team quits. I miss her (she was my partner in crime in many activities that I’d never pen down here or anywhere else!!). So does every male in the team ;). Some can’t stop talking about her and some delve deep into depression. Gossip mills work overtime keeping one and all very busy and give enough fodder for bitchiness. However, by this month, I learnt the most important lesson of life “Letting go”. Started feeling lighter and the number of smiles increased as well.

All in all a mixed bag, it was.

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Susan Boyle – Wowoweewooo!!

Sorry folks, yet another youtube video being uploaded. But had to do this. Had to have this here. Checkout… AWESOMENESS!!!!

This is btw for all those self involved, egotistic, venomous, backstabbing people who consider themselves God sent….some people need a serious reality check..

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Mumbo Jumbo

Its been quite sometime that I’ve actually written something (have been so freaking lazy that just used to upload videos from utube :P). Its not that I didn’t have anything to write. Many things, in fact head was always crowded. But the inclination to sit and blurt it out was simply missing. I used to drag myself to the computer to check mails. And that happened only coz I’m searching for jobs, else I was like :%(*#_)#$_$#_$#!@&*# (don’t ask what it is but its definitely not some swearing).

Anyways, life’s been the same. But if I had to compare it with what it was like in Jan 2009, I’d say this Jan is undeniably beautiful. Relationships were in a mess in 2008-2009. Won’t get into the details, but really grateful to God that better sense prevailed everywhere. :). Other than this, things are the same. The struggle to find a home and a job continues.

What I’ve noticed is all the mess that has come my way has made me a better person. I listen more and talk less (though my darling hubby would disagree to that up front! :P). Nonsense has stopped bothering me. The fuse that’d burst anytime, takes time now. I’m not suggesting that I’ve become cold or insensitive, but more tolerant which is good news!  I’ve become more hopeful, less aggressive and impulsive. All in all, 2008-09 has helped me become a good person. And it has started showing everywhere. I smile more. 🙂 Like the facebook update that I’d put the other day: Idiocy doesn’t bother me anymore. May be the smiles that they’ve started bringing is a clear indication that I’ve grown up.

Moving to other things, I badly need a break. More than 350 days of work, work and more work is taking a toll. Searching for some places for a vacation, but the planning is taking longer than usual. May be Garry can help me here.

My cellphone is dying. Anyday can be the D Day now. Not its fault. For the number of times I’ve dropped it, its surprising its still alive. So the search for another cellphone starts now. My heart says Sony Ericsson, but mind is asking me to settle down for something very basic. I’m not really inclined towards spending a bomb here.

Stopping here for now. I can’t bear to read what I’ve written, but I’m positive it’d be gibberish, as always! Anyways… Take care people. Cheerios till I come back with something (hopefully) interesting!

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Some people get to say the best of words!

And why not? If its someone like Al Pacino, a volcano of talent, the dialogues better be good. & of all the scenes that have made an impact on me, these are by far the best and my most favourite. The expression, the tone, and the ‘everything’ is simply etched in my memory.

One of the best gifts to the world of motion pictures -> AL PACINO! My all time fav!!!!

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