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Are first impressions really the last impressions? Its so easy to be judgemental. The more I meet such opinionated duds, more I understand the importance of keeping an open mind while meeting new people n learning new stuff. After all, I feel … Continue reading

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Please forget everything

This is what I beg of u: I dont want u to compare me with anyone. I dont want u make false expectations. I dont desire a hopeless heart nor do I desire someone’s leftover. I know u want me, … Continue reading

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I used to think of myself as a weak person. A timid individual who’d be shattered if not for her family n friends. But the last couple of days have proved me wrong. & I’m not complaining.  While I thought “I … Continue reading

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Sound Check

Consider this: Im at the hospital where my loved one is admitted, in the ICU. Am waiting outside for the medical reports n every second feels like a decade. All Im trying to do is say my most sincere prayers when someone from behind shouts in Marathi “WHY DID … Continue reading

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Come June 2nd n Aerosmith will be performing in Bangalore. I dunno if ‘ll be able to go. Damn it yaar! Agreed that as compared to my betterhalf ( a crazy n absolute rocker) n other metalhead pals my knowledge in this genre of music … Continue reading

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ENLIGHTENMENT: When the questions still exist but their answers dont matter anymore!!!! 

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But, WHY???

I’d read lots abt this movie “Eklavya”, with a multi star cast. Demi-God – Mr. Bachchan, Mrs. Nawaab – Sharmila Tagore, Chhote Nawaab – Mr. Saif Ali Khan, one -film-wonder – Vidya Balan (same fuckin expression in every movie, AAAAAAARRRRGGGGGG), Boman Irani (I … Continue reading

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Funny Man

A lot of people have told me this abt u “He seems to be a quiet n serious guy, while u r absolutely crazy!”. True.  But what these people dont get to see is how DEVILISH u can get!!!! Probably u like to … Continue reading

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Ice Cold

Someone told me today: “U cudnt have been more indifferent.” Probably its time for something called “INTROSPECTION”

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5 things that I’ve learnt…

One day that I wanted to come back home early to be with my family, the system cudnt handle it… It crashed!!! DAMN. While Big Bee has called me many a times for some blazing gyaan sessions, the one thats coming … Continue reading

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