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Will u hold my hand please?

After a very long time I got a chance to watch WE, THE PEOPLE.. A re-run, but what the heck, its Barkha Dutt n I go bonkers when I think of her communication n people management skills. The topic was … Continue reading

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Life in a fast lane

There are some inherent qualities in everybody that makes them the people that they are. No matter what, these qualities cannot be changed. One such pathetic trait that I have is the habit of doing everything FAST. I eat fast, … Continue reading

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Watta week….

Another week ends. N whats new? Nothing, same old shit again n again. Screams, yells, anger n frustration piling up, some good REALISATIONS of living a lame life, back breaking work, etc. etc… Now for some good things that happened: … Continue reading

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& it rained….

Long walks…. and a sucker that I am for them, the 30 minute walk from my office back home last nite was the most beautiful one in the last couple of weeks. Beautiful?? Yeahhh. The evening rains made the climate absolutely enchanting at nite.. With … Continue reading

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Energiser found…

Had heard abt the power of one. Like they say “One song can spark the moment, one tree can start a forest……”. Got a first hand experience of it. All those hours spent feeling like filth, all those Sundays that were … Continue reading

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Brain Drain

What happens when u r over worked? Here’s wat: Last nite I was chatting with 4 of my friends, 2 guys n 2 gals. Gal 1: Many dark cicles under my eyes Guy 1: Hey!! Sup? watcha doin tom? Gal 2: I really … Continue reading

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Heart n Sex….

I’m wondering what Big Bee was thinking (may be it was the maggi he ate with… No im not taking names here) when he allowed those doctors to give us lecture on how to be stress free. After a good half an hour … Continue reading

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