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Giving Up

I dont wanna live anymore. (Ha!! Like I’m living in the first place. Merely breathing aint living rite?). I feel everything around me is staring at me. My pain has become too much to hide. Its seen in the way … Continue reading

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With teary eyes, he came upto me n said “This is the worst thing that could have ever happened to me!!”. Looking back at him helplessly, I reached for his hands, trying to make him feel better. As he placed … Continue reading

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TTSP. Really?

Time is the best healer my friend said, in the hope of pulling me out of this trench. HEAL? Tried to find its meaning in the dictionary & the dictionary said HEAL is “CURE”, “MEND’, “REPAIR”, “NURSE TO HEALTH”, etc… … Continue reading

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It was so easy till sometime back, now, it seems just next to impossible. Everytime I think about it, I just go numb. Its like I wanna shake my hands with u, but I find my fists super/tightly clenched. What … Continue reading

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Foreclosure of Anuva’s Sky

Learning to play Anuva’s Sky = Ecstacy!!! Forgetting the chords of Foreclosure of a Dream = Madman hopping around wanting to kill someone Both the above emotions put together at the same time = How a man would react when he’s … Continue reading

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In Pursuit of Happyness

Saw this movie when I was in Bangalore a couple of months ago. A simple n touching movie. Not gonna give my reviews coz I believe that somethings in life are so magnificently beautiful that if we sit down n analyse … Continue reading

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Linda Goodman comes calling

Some draw conclusions abt others after meeting them, it cud be the first time or whatever, some others give much importance to looks, some with their very own pre-conceived notions, some dont bother at all. The cult that I was introduced to … Continue reading

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I live in Spain during monsoons

I’m thinking abt the lousy, shoddy work of BMC in my area. I dunno how many read my blog (I dont care even if no one reads it coz I know I’m here just to empty my mind to abt 0.002%, while the … Continue reading

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