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Freakos n UATs

Some marketing guys were with us discussing some product n their testing in UATs. As always this DISCUSSION snowballed into heated arguments with dollops of expletives from all sides. I tell u, there’s nothing more interesting (read irritating) than a bunch of no-gooders … Continue reading

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Desperate Cry

The Alchemist -….”whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It’s your mission on earth.” ….”And when you want something, all the … Continue reading

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Power On toh Markets Gone…

Rude Awakening (somehow this is the only collection that gets my energy levels soaring up n high) as Mustaine puts it …Guess it can also be used to describe the markets now… Or like my boss said SAARE ZAMEEN PAR!

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I’m just NOT able to trust 99 out of the 100 people I meet. Why? What does this mean????

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When u cannot Convince, Confuse…

Got this from a friend of mine. Check out, its downrite hilarious!!!  Do you want to impress or confuse clients or Vice versa?………use Techno vocabulary.. It can be called the “Buzzword” writing method. It is simple. There are three columns … Continue reading

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Random Observations n Crazy Statistics

Thanks to my close pal, Zack, I made a very interesting observation today. Outta the 110 numbers that adorn the contacts list in my cell, only 7 numbers belongs to the fairer sex. Outta the 7, 6 of them are … Continue reading

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Of likes n being choosy

This happened the other day in the office. During lunch time folks wer discussing abt the movies that rocked the film industry last year. While I was doing my own thing not bothering into enter such forbidden topics, one of … Continue reading

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