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Useless Musings

These days whenever anyone asks me as to how life’s been treating me (just the exchange of pleasentaries u see), I talk only about my work. Ive been noticing this for quiet some time now. Its like, my work, my … Continue reading

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Why Why Why Why Why

Why should I have a thoroughly fucked up day atleast 8 times in a week? N why on earth should that happen so very often? Why am I surrounded by all hopeless and useless morons? I just feel like socking their … Continue reading

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Mush n Blush

Alrite alrite… Gotta admit. No matter how much I deny it, sometimes mush does work for me. Thats when I go FLUTTER FLUTTER, BLUSH BLUSH, ALL STARRY EYED & I just cant stop smiling!!! DAMN DAMN…….. Also, I can keep … Continue reading

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I want……

I want this tattooed on my arms:

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Calling Megadeth

Saying my most sincerest prayers! I want this to happen. If this happens, I wont ever ask for anything else (as my birthday gift)…. Please Lord, Oh PLEASE LET MY BOSS APPROVE MY LEAVE!!!!

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My maid said some builder who was to reconstruct buildings in her area has duped some very naive n innocent ppl off their flats. Has happened to a family member too.. That was 7 years back n in Kandivli. There’s nothing I can … Continue reading

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This happens yet again!

Was cursing myself coz I’d accidently deleted Pink Floyd songs (the entire folder) from my cell… Unwillingly, I tuned into a FM station and guess what… Like someone from the station heard me or something, they played “Coming back to life”… This has … Continue reading

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It will happen… It will not happen

No, Im not killing a rose by ripping off its petals wishing something… Im thinking about our MORAL POLICE. Im surprised the HOLIER-THAN-THOU-SELF-PROCLAIMED-GUARDIANS (COUGH COUGH COUGH) are not out on the roads vandalising shops n property saying V day aint our culture… … Continue reading

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That time of the year again…

Its V-day time of the year again! Yeeeiiiyyyyyyyeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! Archies, Shoppers Stop, Westside, R Mall, Lifestyle, this mall n that mall screaming from roof tops abt the special gifts for our OH-SO-LOVED-ONES… Crowded? U bet honey! I have a doubt. What do … Continue reading

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Maiden Mania & Us the Maniacs..

I cribbed abt the Alchemist raag being untrue. But its kinda true! Coz I could attend the gig and what an electrifying performance it was!!! Reached the venue by 4. Unlike the Bangalore grounds where there was already a sea of … Continue reading

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