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Im not gonna watch the rest of this movie….

 There are movies and there are scary movies. There are scary movies and then there is NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. Saw just abt the first 60 minutes of the movie and was shitting bricks! Im not here to give yet … Continue reading

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Ppl asked me what I planned to do this weekend ( a lonnnnnnnggggg one). My answer:

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Then – I want you to share your problems with me. I may not be able to give u proper advice, but I’d atleast be there to listen to u. Talking can reduce ur pain to some extent. Now – … Continue reading

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B’day Resolutions

Ahemmm, just realised Im turning 26 tomorrow!!!!!! Oh My Fuckin GOD! I dont knw what ive accomplished in the last 25 years, but guess have made a few of my ppl laugh, have made many cry (outta happiness, but many … Continue reading

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Pet Standards

Yeoor Hills in Thane is one place where I just love to take strolls. Yesterday I saw something that immediately caught my attention. There was this Grandpa (Senior Citizen i mean) with his cute Labrador on the other end of … Continue reading

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Hopeless Musings – II

Im confused… Im hurt…. Im pained… I feel this need to pour my heart out in front of someone… But then again, I try n take the first step towards it n my chatterbox says “Whats the point? Cant u deal … Continue reading

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This time its called HOPELESS MUSINGS

My cell n the office tele ring at the same time. While at home, its always the tele n the doorbell. While Im watching TV (Ive finally managed to put sometime aside for the idiot box), ppl will talk on top … Continue reading

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Three friends and a Sandwich corner

Saw something last evening that shook the calm outta me. In a nutshell, the scene from Dil Chahta Hai, where Sid n Akash have an ugly show down and all Sameer can do is remain frozen, shell-shocked. Well, I’m the … Continue reading

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