Hopeless Musings – II

Im confused… Im hurt…. Im pained… I feel this need to pour my heart out in front of someone… But then again, I try n take the first step towards it n my chatterbox says “Whats the point? Cant u deal with this alone? Do u really have to waste ur friend’s time? Everyone goes thru shit in his/her life and u are no different. Deal with it on ur own without making a friend’s life miserable. ” Then I retreat. I cry.. I hurt myself all over again by choosing to suffer in silence.

Im still not able to learn tolerance from the intolerant… Patience from the impatient… Yet I feel grateful coz atleast I’ve learnt to distinguish between them….

Waiting to heal… Again

About Rum

Independent, bold, ambitious, in-your-face, fun/peace-loving. Many pals, but close to only a few. Zero tolerance to bullshit.
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3 Responses to Hopeless Musings – II

  1. Zack says:

    You can never waste a friends time by telling them something you wnat to tell…

  2. Sam says:

    Zackiieee, u back!!! never have i missed anyone so much in my tiny life….

  3. whoops. what happened to you? 😐

    whatever it is, it is totally NOT worth YOU or YOUR TIME if its making you feel this low. shirk out of it girl, life has so much to offer. just look around you and let go. =)

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