Im not gonna watch the rest of this movie….

 There are movies and there are scary movies. There are scary movies and then there is NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. Saw just abt the first 60 minutes of the movie and was shitting bricks!

Im not here to give yet another preivew, but there’s something really weird abt this movie. So much that I havent stopped thinking abt the scenes, the parched landscapes, Javier Bardem and his super cold eyes! Imagine someone killing ppl like its some kinda hobby or something…. This flick is exciting but strangely quiet. In fact most of the scenes have no dialogues, no bacground music, NOTHING….. Its all about blood, gore, mayhem but it hardly seems to be an action movie. I want to write more, but towards the end of an hour (into the first 60 minutes of the movie, I mean) I was sitting on my couch like a hypnotized parrot! I dont know what to say, what to write or what to think! But all I know is that the walk from my couch in the drawing room to my bedroom, which is a good 15 step walk, was the most scariest walk of my life…..


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11 Responses to Im not gonna watch the rest of this movie….

  1. nitin says:

    I watched it 1 month ago.. i like such movies…
    the hide and seek and blood.. awesomeee

  2. arun says:


  3. Sam says:

    Its an amazing movie, but somehow Im just not able to even bring myself to have a look at the DVD cover!!
    U find this funny?? Okie… Whatever makes u happy!

  4. Anoop says:

    My friend downloaded it and watched! He says – “It sucked !”. After few days I see that the movie wins Oscar. I trust my friend’s review more than the oscars. So,I’m never gonna watch it !!

  5. nitin says:

    ya anoop i knw u loved OSO.. even OSO shud win oscars..

  6. Anoop says:


    I know u r Ram Gopal Verma/John Abraham fan. So, as per you may be “AAG” / “No smoking” shld go for Oscars. And any good movie by SRK sucks for you as you hate SRK.

    But, I love entertaining movies of bollywood….like Nach gaana, colors, jokes and total 3 hrs of TP. OSO met basic conditions of entertainment and on the top of it, I am THE SRK fan too !!

  7. arun says:

    The movie is by Coen brothers who are well known for a non-typical non-happy ending sort of movies which don’t fit my genre of interest. I watched it, not at all impressed. I couldn’t stop laughing when this cold blooded killer pops every guy like opening a soda can with an opener with pressurized gas 😀 seriously!! 😀 😀 😀

    I am sorry, I couldn’t resist laughing when I read your post and started visualizing this emotionless expressionless guy popping people off 🙂 It was really funny to me 😀

  8. Priya says:

    Hahaha !! Theres actually a movie like this ??
    I wanna see for how long I can bear it…hmm….:P 😀

  9. Sam says:

    Welcome! it aint bad.. its a very bizzzzzzaaarrrrrrrreeeee movie… very different! not everyone will like it… by this title (post) i mean i dont have the guts to watch the rest of the movie… his eyes, his expressionless expressions… EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE………..

  10. whoops. where did you get the dvd/vcd from? =|

    go bang the person’s head with the dvd/ vcd cover for making you watch it.

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