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Take ur pick

¬† Much ho-ha-ha was heard when some of my colleagues saw this album lying on my desk. My musically illeterate superiors condemned me for listening to “SUCH THINGS’ coz they thought its affecting me as a human. Ppl thought that … Continue reading

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The Evolution

The transition from being an¬†optimist to a realist has been extremely painful, but yes, very helpful. I remember now Ram had told this to me once (eons ago) that being practical hurts the least. Correct. I know he’s right, now. … Continue reading

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I cant think of a title..

Morning @ 7 am: Me filled with ideas to write abt.. like my friends, the dent on the treadmill, the scorching heat, my gorgeous new PC, etc….. Evening @ 10 pm: Me “DAZED & CONFUSED”…… I dont know what to … Continue reading

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One of those days when I dont feel like doing anything. Dont feel like talking, dont feel like listening to anyone, dont want my music, my books, my guitar….. Nothing. I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Though I feel like whacking the … Continue reading

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Hopeless Musings – Yet Again

Exactly a year since I started blogging, something that I’m addicted to now. So this is for the one who induced me into this side of the world: Sang wrote to me from Malaysia asking me how life was treating, … Continue reading

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Bandstand, Music, Sunset

Saturday and Sunday evenings, sometimes eventful, but most of the times boring n lame. Last Saturday was no different with me working till abt 9.30 at night, reviewing all the audit comments, filing, charges, incomes, operational costs n losses, etc… … Continue reading

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