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My New Pal

Ok… life doesnt seem to be all that lonely… especially in the mornings….. after two full years here in my new home, ive managed to befriend someone….. yeah.. a handsome crow… yes, u read it right…. he’s extremely punctual… very … Continue reading

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Kill, Maul, Slaughter… Please

Somethings up with stuff called HUMANS. Really, me ain’t kidding…. Lose temper on the silliest of things and kill ppl. They don’t stop at that, as if that wasn’t enough… go ahead and chop the body into 300 pieces and … Continue reading

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Office Alone

Ive always wondered how does it feel like to blog while u r @ work. Here i’m doing it… n no, it doesnt feel any different. its a beautiful saturday evening and my pc time says 6.46 pm… Heck! what … Continue reading

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House Sparrows

Almost 2 years since I came into this house and Ive noticed this… This place doesn’t have many house sparrows! As a kid I used to think of these as the most cutest ones ever created by Lord! Used to … Continue reading

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Some Degrees of Inner Turbulance

When u try to come outta a heart break When u re-live a painful moment Loneliness Deliberate reminders U say yes when u wanna say no U see a loved one in pain and u stand there helpless! Pain is … Continue reading

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My new boss

Finally, good things happening. Im reminded of Zack’s comforting words. Now, he’s one guy who defines friend and friendhip, both, for me. I AM NOT BUTTERING U, MR. ZACK, BUT JUST SPEAKING MY MIND. Back to his words “There is … Continue reading

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Something abt this song, Im just addicted to it. Soft n soothing, its abt a guy who stalks celebrities for pics and autographs. LOL, only Mark Knopfler can pen down such stupendous ones…… Here’s it: Rudiger stands in the rain … Continue reading

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