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Unsighted Haze

One wrong decision and a lifetime of burden! One realization that comes late and its not worth it at all!! One truth I wish I hadn’t known at all… Emotions as simple as caring for someone can be disturbingly disillusioning!

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Its pouring outside, the temperatures have dropped and I’m listening to Scorpions.. All I want now is some pipping hot coffee, books and my music!!

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A Strange Dream

Just about recovering from a bad bad bad bout of typhoid. All the throw-ups, fever and headache!!! PHEWWWW… And the medicines… They made me feel as if I was on dope! Now, thats one thing that I wanted to try … Continue reading

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Things that I do (Annoying)

First of all, I admit shamelessly that I’ve picked this from Chris’ blog. No, Im not ashamed of copying.. So ppl who think Im a plagiarist (i dont know the spelling, so whatt!!), please dont read…. Im like that only…. … Continue reading

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The Best Salesman Ever!

This pic can teach us all that we ever wanted to know abt Sales & Marketing!!! Kudos!!!!!!    

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