Things that I do (Annoying)

First of all, I admit shamelessly that I’ve picked this from Chris’ blog. No, Im not ashamed of copying.. So ppl who think Im a plagiarist (i dont know the spelling, so whatt!!), please dont read…. Im like that only….

  1. Like Chrissy boy, i have this habit of smiling at strangers. Love it when they give me that confused look. And also, I stare @ pals/ppl (who i know) when they smile @ me.. this look beats the former one hands down!! Yeah, I’m a devil!
  2. There are some chosen souls, who I talk to. But this is not talk-talk types. Verbal diarrhea engulfs me and the talkathon starts!!! I just cant help it…. No matter how much I try. I bet, no one can beat me in a competition of my-words-per-minute. The fact that they are absolutely devoid of any logic makes the bet even better!!!
  3. I cant help but give dirty looks to ppl who scratch as if they are in the loo. *%##*^$^$#^%^!^$
  4. I dont share my books and cds with anyone. I mean ANYONE.
  5. The first thing to bear the brunt of my anger would be my keyboard (while am @ work) and the first person available (while am @ work). This reminds me, I have no life!!
  6. I HAVE to talk while I’m watching a movie. I HAVE TO!!!

Will come back for more when I can recollect the other annoying things that I do.

About Rum

Independent, bold, ambitious, in-your-face, fun/peace-loving. Many pals, but close to only a few. Zero tolerance to bullshit.
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2 Responses to Things that I do (Annoying)

  1. Anoop says:

    Oh Hell, you really are annoying 😛 😉

  2. Sam says:

    Hey Oops!!
    Well, I can be more horrible… But ive restricted myself to just 6 points…

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