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Jai Sandwich

Never realized one bite of Masala toast could be so freaking orgasmic. Never realized what chillies could do my tongue, eyes and tummy till I tasted the Chilli Cheese Toast with their SUPERRR hot and spicy green chilli chutney.. With a … Continue reading

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Im Fugly

Some posts back, Zack wrote about looking F-Ugly. Now I know that post was for me. I mean, I have the upper hand (right) on that post. Picture this: A nose that looks RED and is swollen due to flu, … Continue reading

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Life in technicolour

Current fav.. Amazing video… Coldplay it is. Checkout..

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Coffee, Conversations, Marriage…

Offlate I’ve been a part of many conversations that are totally marriage centric. Whether its asking Zackie about his wedding plans or to listening to some on how their spouses are taking them for granted or be it listening to people realizing … Continue reading

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My most fav song

I can listen to this song at any given point during the day. Its a killer combination of music by AR Rahman who has put soul into the already beautiful poem Suttum Vizhi by Mahakavi Bharatiyaar and who better than … Continue reading

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Hopeless Musings.. contd….

It bothers me to a large extent when people say I’M TRYING. I say, whats there to try? Just do it… What do you mean when you say you TRY? You either do it or dont do it. How the … Continue reading

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Hopeless Musings – III

I’ve realized that God’ sense of humour is really wicked and lousy. Pardon me, but yes, lousy. Coz, whenever my boss opens his mouth to talk I cant help but wonder why isnt he (boss) a tourist attraction? Something in … Continue reading

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