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Pissed Bad

I’m really pissed. I’m badly and very badly pissed. I’ve been given some facts that I dont want to accept.  I question them, but I know its futile. The facts are: The world belongs to good looking people. ONLY. Others … Continue reading

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In the wrong lane

“The worst thing in life is ‘ATTACHMENT’ coz it hurts when you lose it. The best thing in life is ‘LONLINESS’. It teaches you everything and when you lose it, you get everything.” I got this sms from a very … Continue reading

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Hopeless Musings – IV

I’m thinking what to write. Everytime Im not  logged in, I get this sudden urge to rant something here, but this urge vanishes the  moment I login. So all my thoughts and ideas have gone. Poye Pochu. Chole Gayeche.  I’m … Continue reading

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Words & Visuals

We all do this. Visualise. Some do it when asked to and some visualize anytime. For me, its a process that stops only when I sleep. Its like whenever Im listening to anyone talk, be it in person or over … Continue reading

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