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A Long Way Gone

Being an avid reader, I’ve gobbled hundreds of books since school days. But not many of ’em have lingered on in my head (to the extent that I might actually sit and say a few words about them). A LONG WAY GONE. Thats the … Continue reading

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This climate makes me go GRRRR…

It feels like 567 degrees. Horrible climate. I start sweating the moment I step outside the bathroom, after a nice cool shower (that lasts for about 15 minutes) I mean. I’ve lost count of the number of Dermi Cool and Shower to … Continue reading

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Iron Maiden Flight 666

I smsed this to all my metal head pals the moment I came outta the theatre and I tell you all (??) the same: IF YOU ARE A SELF RESPECTING MAIDEN FAN, YOU WILL WATCH THIS ONE. (Check out the … Continue reading

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God Exists.

Its not as if I’ve had a doubt about His existence. But the faith just got strengthened yesterday when He saved me from a major embarrassment.  As a part of a central unit that controls the operations allover India, the workload is … Continue reading

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Today, 6th May 2009, is a day that I wont forget in this lifetime. The process that I’d set up after 5 months of meetings, concalls, endless approvals, raging chooran sessions, is in complete doldrums coz Ive shifted to some other … Continue reading

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