God Exists.

Its not as if I’ve had a doubt about His existence. But the faith just got strengthened yesterday when He saved me from a major embarrassment. 

As a part of a central unit that controls the operations allover India, the workload is always high in our department. Its pressure cooker situation all the time. Add to it, the competition, the aggression and all, there’s always this urge to outperform others. While thats a good trait, one just cant stop being alert or careful.

Ok to cut the crap, I had to send this report on the status of all transactions that were posted last week and this is what I wrote:

Kindly find attached the liquidation report. The blank fields pertain to Punjab and Delhi, that are closed today due to the last phase of erections.

I realized this goofup only when my colleague started laughing and she laughed so much that almost everyone in the department gathered around us to see what had happened. But like I told you God exists. My boss’ mailbox was full and this awesomely worded mail couldnt get delievered.

 I love you God! Mwah!!!

About Rum

Independent, bold, ambitious, in-your-face, fun/peace-loving. Many pals, but close to only a few. Zero tolerance to bullshit.
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3 Responses to God Exists.

  1. Anoop says:

    hahahahahahahahahhahah SAM….toooooo good !!!!!!! …Thank God!!!

  2. chriz says:



    last phase


    Sure God exists…

  3. Gayathri says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    ok enough…i can’t laugh more. Thank God tu bach gayi…

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