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We are racists too

Whether or not TOI carries RK Laxman’s daily You Said It, it’ll definitely talk about some Asian geting assaulted in the now infamous Australia. Articles go on to say how racism is a problem faced by Desis everywhere. I agree. … Continue reading

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Life – Explained in One Line (Forward)

Dadda sent this to me. LIFE is: Leaving the house in the morning, dressed in clothes that you bought on credit card, for work, driving through the traffic in a car that you are still paying for, putting in fuel … Continue reading

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The week that it was

These days I seem to be in the learning mode. Good for me considering, it keeps my head calm and my mind busy.┬áSome pearls of wisdom that were thrown at me, which were THANKFULLY caught: True friends are like one’s … Continue reading

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Some Updates

Update #1: Completed two days in the new office (just the address has changed and not the organization). The alien feeling has still not left me. Update #2: The office bus leaves before 7.00 pm. So PC is shutdown by … Continue reading

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I’ve always maintained this: Mani Ratnam + A R Rahman = Music at its very┬ábest. You can just keep listening to them over and over again. Right from Roja to Guru, their pairing is a killer combo (though Bombay remains … Continue reading

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I dont know…

Anyone who bumps into this page, please do NOT read any further. Its just some crap. I dont know what to write. I dont know if I wanna write something in the first place. I dont know whats clouding my … Continue reading

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