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Lateral Thinking…

Its a forward.  Brilliant one! Contestants from all Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) were asked to title this picture Study the picture for 12 seconds And think about how you would title it: This winning entry came from IIT Bombay

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So whats your Tamil like?

Though I’m not very sure of the Statistics, atleast 8/10 of the Tamilians, who I’ve met in the last 27 years, have asked me this “So are you from Palakkad or…?” The latest of them being my buddy, who I met after … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s remnants

This was the view in the ground floor of my buidling at 12.00 noon today. The knee deep water had come down to ankle deep.This water was like:  Water = Water+pee+poop+shit+crap+plastic bottles+plastic covers+plastic bags+Condoms. In short, it was everything plastic. … Continue reading

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Broken Promise

This is probably the worst kept promise ever! Throughout May and June (or rather the whole year) all the leading dailies spoke about how preapred is Mumbai to combat the July rains. Its July again and its pouring. Mumbai is … Continue reading

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Happy Realization

Last few weeks have been quite turbulent. Some disappointments and the resultant introspection. But I’m happy that I’m over them and have learnt some important things. Ironically they the same things that we often get as forwards. I’m not writing … Continue reading

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