Some Stupid Updates

1. Last few weeks have been a mixed bag. Work life is the same, nothing ever changes there. People who know whats going on are asking me to be hopeful, but I’m like whatever! Its futile to even search for a ray of hope when you have no expectations from anyone around. But the thing that I’ve begun to dislike (cant call it hatred since that’d be too strong a word) is, the situation has changed me. And whats worse is that it has started showing. Family is worried and that hurts me. But….

2. My appetite has grown. Its completely contradictory to whats mentioned above & I know. Due to Half Yearly Closing, there wasnt much work on 30th Sept. So our team and our super boss went to Rajdhani for some timepass lunch. A li’l background about the food served there – the plate is huuugggee with 6-7 cups (bowls??) for the curry and stuff. They serve piping hot theplas, rotis, puris (at times) and an assortment of veggies. Desserts are always there and  ghee floats atop saying a big hi to your hips and butt! Oh, how on earth could I forget buttermilk?!! And the service is pretty quick. Here’s what I ate that day: 4 theplas, 10 rotis (the size aint that big you see), some bhaji (have no clue of what the hell that was), dahi kadi, daal, daal bhaati (Rajasthani food), 3 glasses of buttermilk. Desserts? Oh yeah, 3 servings of Gulaab Jamun and 2 servings of Doodhi Halwa. My team members were zapped and my boss was shitting bricks since I wasnt saying “I’m full”. He had to pay the bill you see. I dont care if no one believes in this, but I’m writing this since this is something that has never happened to me before. Yes, Sam ate like a pig and she digested a freaking horse that day!  

3. Some malls have some pretty good stuff [though I’ve never been in favour of blowing thousands for a pair of shoe or bag or apparels]. I belong to the category who picks up stuff from the roadside after a good bargain (read fight). I get a feeling of accomplishment when I shop that ways. 🙂 But 2nd October was when Sam shopped like a freak in a mall! Shoes, bag, cosmetics, apparels and I bought them all. I would have never stopped if it wasnt for the rains. On the hindsight, I feel it was Rain God who felt a pinch (rather many pinches) on behalf of my wallet. Damn you Rain!

4. The Monday Holiday stops this week. This sucks bigtime. Atleast for someone who thoroughly hates Mondays.

About Rum

Independent, bold, ambitious, in-your-face, fun/peace-loving. Many pals, but close to only a few. Zero tolerance to bullshit.
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2 Responses to Some Stupid Updates

  1. Gayathri says:

    why is it that all of us become lifeless when we go to office?

  2. AS says:

    I fear monday! and I loveeeee Sunday!! ;D

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