Me and my Maddy Madness

I’m sure all of us have THAT one person in our lives who teaches us what it feels like to be in love. Singers, authors, musicians, dancers, actors, actresses, teacher, neighbour’s dog walker, it could be anyone.

There is an actor who portrayed the role of Shekhar Sinha in the very popular Saaya (Sony, every Tue 8.30 PM). He was in love with Sudha, his college buddy played by Mansi Joshi Roy. The show revolved around 3 friends, their lives in college and lives after college. Throughout college life, Shekhar’s role is all about wooing Sudha, who thinks of him “just as a friend”. (Useless female). Little did Shekhar know that somewhere in the Thane suburbs, was a girl who was falling for him. She used to fight with her college pals saying Shekhar belonged to her. And that she was glad since Sudha wasnt responding well to his proposal. As the episodes progressed, her love for him grew. So much that she really felt she’d meet the man of her dreams (Shekhar) some day. The serial ended with Shekhar ending up with Kamya (Achint Kaur). This broke the dreamy girl’s heart into a zillion pieces and like all other females she started hating Achint Kaur. The girl is none other than Sam (yours truly) and Shekhar Sinha, R Madhavan. Yes, to this day I hate that bitch Achint Kaur.

Maddy did appear in other serials like Sea Hawks, Banegi Apni Baat, Ghar Jamai. These didn’t do all that well. Moving from TV serials to motion pictures, Maddys’ first (hit) movie was Alaipayuthey. He was actually approached by Mani Ratnam for his movie Iruvar (Ash’s first movie), but was rejected on the grounds that he looked too young to play a serious role. His eyes looked young, Mani said in one of his interviews.

Now coming back to Alaipayuthey. A little background before that. For the kind of chatterbox that I am, the film review from me starts immediately after I’m out of the theatre. But this time everything was different. I was very quiet. I’d thought I couldn’t love him more after Saaya, only to realize I was so wrong. I was hopelessly and insanely in love with him.  The way Kartik proposes to Shakti was the scene that blew my mind. It was simple, yet cute. Had to be considering it was Maddy who was playing Kartik. The way he took care of Shakti, the way they fought, the way they made up after every fight, had a huge impact on me. I wanted my man to be JUST LIKE HIM. Sensitive, loving, caring and above all understanding.

The movie was a cult hit and there was no stopping me. I used to collect Maddy’s pics from all sides of the print world. What’s more, I pestered my mom to teach me Tamil so that I could read his interviews in Tamil magazines. I used most of my pocket money in buying his posters or getting them framed. This had my dadda see red since, like all Tam Brahm daddas,  he didn’t want his daughter to waste her time behind some loser actor (that’s what he thinks about him, to this day). Instead, dadda wanted his daughty to solve maths!! Yet another Maddy thingie that I did was to get a yellow churidaar stitched from my local tailor, though I hated the colour (Kartik proposed to Shakti while she was aboard a local train and Shakti was in a bright yellow churidaar).

It’s been almost 10 years since Alaiypayuthey released. My Thane home still has all of the Maddy posters, cut outs and pics neatly pasted in big drawing books. No one’s allowed access to that shelf and the key to that place is with me in my bag. Such is my love for that man. I like him not just for his looks but also for the way he conducts himself in front of media. Polished and classy, unlike all the other loser maniacs who are Rakhi Sawant’s relatives (bloody attention seeking and loud). May be his public speaking course (where he met his wife, she was his student there) helped him in saying just what was required. 

Kannathhil Muttham Ittal, Dum Dum Dum, Nala Damayanti, Anbe Sivam (yet another fav), Run, Aayutha Ezhuthu (Yuva in Hindi), Rang De Basanti, Guru have been his hits and needless to say I’ve seen all of these more than 10-12 times. A loving hubby, doting father to Vedant and a complete family man. What can I say? Love you Maddy! Or like Van Halen said “Cant Stop Loving You!” Freddie (Queen) was right. Love is crazy and Crazy li’l thing called love!

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4 Responses to Me and my Maddy Madness

  1. Gayathri says:

    My relatives and my mom feel tht siddhu looks a lot like maddy 🙂

    I loved maddy in sea hawks though I was baccha@ tht time…and I loved him in his small role in Rang De Basanti…awesome he was!

    P.S: This pic looks too good…

  2. Sandy says:

    I am a fan too…..Don’t hate me now!!!

  3. Sam says:

    @G3, I almost yelled at Sid when he sent me some sms asking me to checkout something on FB. I dont think Sid looks like him. Though good looking, he’s a lot different.
    @Sandy C’mon now. Its alright.

  4. chriz says:

    haha.. maddy.. i remember watching seahawks.. and did he a do a cameo in fauji along with srk?

    alaipayudhey made ma a psycho.. i remember spending my time near tambaram railway station for God knows what reason.. those were the days

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