Mumbo Jumbo

Its been quite sometime that I’ve actually written something (have been so freaking lazy that just used to upload videos from utube :P). Its not that I didn’t have anything to write. Many things, in fact head was always crowded. But the inclination to sit and blurt it out was simply missing. I used to drag myself to the computer to check mails. And that happened only coz I’m searching for jobs, else I was like :%(*#_)#$_$#_$#!@&*# (don’t ask what it is but its definitely not some swearing).

Anyways, life’s been the same. But if I had to compare it with what it was like in Jan 2009, I’d say this Jan is undeniably beautiful. Relationships were in a mess in 2008-2009. Won’t get into the details, but really grateful to God that better sense prevailed everywhere. :). Other than this, things are the same. The struggle to find a home and a job continues.

What I’ve noticed is all the mess that has come my way has made me a better person. I listen more and talk less (though my darling hubby would disagree to that up front! :P). Nonsense has stopped bothering me. The fuse that’d burst anytime, takes time now. I’m not suggesting that I’ve become cold or insensitive, but more tolerant which is good news!  I’ve become more hopeful, less aggressive and impulsive. All in all, 2008-09 has helped me become a good person. And it has started showing everywhere. I smile more. 🙂 Like the facebook update that I’d put the other day: Idiocy doesn’t bother me anymore. May be the smiles that they’ve started bringing is a clear indication that I’ve grown up.

Moving to other things, I badly need a break. More than 350 days of work, work and more work is taking a toll. Searching for some places for a vacation, but the planning is taking longer than usual. May be Garry can help me here.

My cellphone is dying. Anyday can be the D Day now. Not its fault. For the number of times I’ve dropped it, its surprising its still alive. So the search for another cellphone starts now. My heart says Sony Ericsson, but mind is asking me to settle down for something very basic. I’m not really inclined towards spending a bomb here.

Stopping here for now. I can’t bear to read what I’ve written, but I’m positive it’d be gibberish, as always! Anyways… Take care people. Cheerios till I come back with something (hopefully) interesting!

About Rum

Independent, bold, ambitious, in-your-face, fun/peace-loving. Many pals, but close to only a few. Zero tolerance to bullshit.
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3 Responses to Mumbo Jumbo

  1. Anoop says:

    hope u’re aware my blog’s moved to

    trying to get back to writing..and reading !

  2. Sid says:

    Hmmm same experiences here. 2009 was bad, but i believe i came out a better person 🙂

    What is it with girls and dropping cellphones? My sis does that all d time… annoying. Anyways if ur looking for a low cost sturdy phone check out Samsung Marine. You can even drop it under-water and it will survive 🙂

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