March! Is that a verb (or order) or a month?

It feels like its been eons since I came here! Blame it on the ever popular “Scarcity of time”. Nah, seriously, I’m just not able to squeeze off time to come here and do my stuff. Anyways, now that I’m here, I did read the new posts from all the blogrolled links and I feel so nice. Dont know why, but yes, I’m feeling good. This feeling could also be attributed to the fact that I just woke up from an hour of afternoon siesta. πŸ˜›

For starters, let me talk about whats happening in my personal life: No change. Status quo being maintained. I find it boring since I, by nature, am a very adventurous person. I need too many things to keep me going. But off-late have come to terms with “No news is good news” thing. Atleast there are no nasty surprises. But what is life without these is what my head asks me (see I told you I need my life to be eventful, even if its as lame as me ranting about spilling a mug full of coffee all-over my more than white dupatta!) Well had been to the amazing Goa a couple of weeks back and came back all rejuvenated. Did some super crazy things, and had a whale of a time. Now back to the rut, filth, grime and the noise-dust pollution.

Work life? Ahem… Got my appraisal done but thats about it. I’m just not motivated anymore. Its ok. I got o work, I do my work and then I get out. If at all I get time to look around, I find people wasting their time and that irritates me. Not coz I dont get to do all those, but coz, they get away with it easily since the “extra” work gets delegated to me in a jiffy! There are people who slaughter time by chatting on Gtalk, IP messengers, land-line phones, cellphones, etc. From where on earth do these people get so many calls? Are these blokes so important in other people’s lives? Or are the guys calling these guys just as wasted? No clue!!!

Got selected in the ‘Editor Group’ for the organization magazine, so this is something that has really kept me excited off-late. Getting to bunk work officially without having to take leave (and there by ensuring a good reserve of leaves), learning about whats happening in other areas of work, meeting new people n all is making me happy, I must admit.

Another day of holiday (Gudi Padwa) comes to an end. That reminds me that professionally and personally I’m in theΒ  most important month of the year. March. Professionally insanely important since its the year end and being a banker, sometimes I’ve to be reminded by a colleague to have a bathroom break (I’m serious, this guy reminds me, else, we are totally snowed under work and more work). Personally its super special since I grow a year younger in this very same month. :).. heck, I’m gonna be 28 in a few days! Wowwiee! 8) Lets see how this month treats me.

Stopping here for now..

PS: Happy Gudi Padwa to all! πŸ™‚

About Rum

Independent, bold, ambitious, in-your-face, fun/peace-loving. Many pals, but close to only a few. Zero tolerance to bullshit.
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1 Response to March! Is that a verb (or order) or a month?

  1. gayathri says:

    Happy b’day in advance head-eater sori editor sahibaa…pls mujhe yaad dilana tht i have 2 wish u πŸ˜‰

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