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What do you mean by this term? Is it someone whose tuning and wavelength in completely in tandem with yours? Someone who knows what exactly is going on in your head in a given situation. Someone who knows how exactly … Continue reading

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The Hunting Party.. GRR!

Some news from my end, FINALLY! The building deal has almost got through. We have received the cheques and are supposed to vacate by the end of this month. Considering the frequency of the posts here, I guess my next … Continue reading

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March! Is that a verb (or order) or a month?

It feels like its been eons since I came here! Blame it on the ever popular “Scarcity of time”. Nah, seriously, I’m just not able to squeeze off time to come here and do my stuff. Anyways, now that I’m … Continue reading

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2009 for me was..

Sitting back in my balcony with a cuppa coffee I was just thinking on how my life was in 2009. Bad, that’s the only word I could come up with to sum it all. Big deal! Life does screw everyone, … Continue reading

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Mumbo Jumbo

Its been quite sometime that I’ve actually written something (have been so freaking lazy that just used to upload videos from utube :P). Its not that I didn’t have anything to write. Many things, in fact head was always crowded. … Continue reading

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Some people get to say the best of words!

And why not? If its someone like Al Pacino, a volcano of talent, the dialogues better be good. & of all the scenes that have made an impact on me, these are by far the best and my most favourite. … Continue reading

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Me and my Maddy Madness

I’m sure all of us have THAT one person in our lives who teaches us what it feels like to be in love. Singers, authors, musicians, dancers, actors, actresses, teacher, neighbour’s dog walker, it could be anyone. There is an actor who … Continue reading

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