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Susan Boyle – Wowoweewooo!!

Sorry folks, yet another youtube video being uploaded. But had to do this. Had to have this here. Checkout… AWESOMENESS!!!! This is btw for all those self involved, egotistic, venomous, backstabbing people who consider themselves God sent….some people need a … Continue reading

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Bombay to Goa and back

Ok, I’m back from an exhilarating trip to Goa. The most awesome days of my life! Life was filled with beaches, Sun, heat, food, wine, cashews, the lighthouses, the fort, the tan and much more. By far, I found Candolim to be a beautiful place! Peaceful and serene. Liked, … Continue reading

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Jai Sandwich

Never realized one bite of Masala toast could be so freaking orgasmic. Never realized what chillies could do my tongue, eyes and tummy till I tasted the Chilli Cheese Toast with their SUPERRR hot and spicy green chilli chutney.. With a … Continue reading

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