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Songs that I grew up on

I’ve spoken a lot about metal, Mark Knopfler, Megadeth, RHCP, Pink Floyd, Maiden, Scorpions, etc. that have been my obsession since the last 7-8 years. Though as a kid, I was fed with a liberal dose of Carnatic music and … Continue reading

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Wish I hadnt known this

Learnt a very valuable lesson today. Never strive to know everything or never ask for everything, you may end up getting it. Feeling disgusted now! Nonetheless. As always music was there to comfort me. I’m not in the mood to write … Continue reading

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

 I found this when I was searching for something else. This female is a television actor. Revathy Shankaran. Truly creative I must say!

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Addicted to Chaandan Mein

I’ve always loved Kaliash Kher’s songs and music. And no disappointments here. This album is top notch. Brilliant and most mature music. Its Rajasthani Folk fusion and has got some amazing funk bass. Listen to this album on a lazy Sunday evening with some … Continue reading

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I’ve always maintained this: Mani Ratnam + A R Rahman = Music at its very best. You can just keep listening to them over and over again. Right from Roja to Guru, their pairing is a killer combo (though Bombay remains … Continue reading

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Iron Maiden Flight 666

I smsed this to all my metal head pals the moment I came outta the theatre and I tell you all (??) the same: IF YOU ARE A SELF RESPECTING MAIDEN FAN, YOU WILL WATCH THIS ONE. (Check out the … Continue reading

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Bombay to Goa and back

Ok, I’m back from an exhilarating trip to Goa. The most awesome days of my life! Life was filled with beaches, Sun, heat, food, wine, cashews, the lighthouses, the fort, the tan and much more. By far, I found Candolim to be a beautiful place! Peaceful and serene. Liked, … Continue reading

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Life in technicolour

Current fav.. Amazing video… Coldplay it is. Checkout..

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My most fav song

I can listen to this song at any given point during the day. Its a killer combination of music by AR Rahman who has put soul into the already beautiful poem Suttum Vizhi by Mahakavi Bharatiyaar and who better than … Continue reading

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Kill To Get Crimson

Guess this one was released a year back and Im already cursing myself for not having bought it earlier…. Heart Full of Holes, Punish The Monkey, Secondary Waltz, err… I dont know which one is the best… U looking for some … Continue reading

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