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The Hunting Party.. GRR!

Some news from my end, FINALLY! The building deal has almost got through. We have received the cheques and are supposed to vacate by the end of this month. Considering the frequency of the posts here, I guess my next … Continue reading

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Susan Boyle – Wowoweewooo!!

Sorry folks, yet another youtube video being uploaded. But had to do this. Had to have this here. Checkout… AWESOMENESS!!!! This is btw for all those self involved, egotistic, venomous, backstabbing people who consider themselves God sent….some people need a … Continue reading

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12th March 1993 in Mumbai…. It happened….

The 1993 bomb blasts in Bombay, the 1992 communal riots, the 6th December 1992 attack on the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. One man L K Advani. One another man Tiger Memon. Demolition of Babri Masjid happened and Hindus allover India, … Continue reading

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Wish I hadnt known this

Learnt a very valuable lesson today. Never strive to know everything or never ask for everything, you may end up getting it. Feeling disgusted now! Nonetheless. As always music was there to comfort me. I’m not in the mood to write … Continue reading

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Will we ever learn?

I’m back to my bickering. Cant help it much. When I see nonsense and I’m not allowed to do what I’m supposed to, it bothers me. Traffic and the Desi attitude: By far, I find this to be the most … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s remnants

This was the view in the ground floor of my buidling at 12.00 noon today. The knee deep water had come down to ankle deep.This water was like:  Water = Water+pee+poop+shit+crap+plastic bottles+plastic covers+plastic bags+Condoms. In short, it was everything plastic. … Continue reading

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Broken Promise

This is probably the worst kept promise ever! Throughout May and June (or rather the whole year) all the leading dailies spoke about how preapred is Mumbai to combat the July rains. Its July again and its pouring. Mumbai is … Continue reading

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We are racists too

Whether or not TOI carries RK Laxman’s daily You Said It, it’ll definitely talk about some Asian geting assaulted in the now infamous Australia. Articles go on to say how racism is a problem faced by Desis everywhere. I agree. … Continue reading

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I dont know…

Anyone who bumps into this page, please do NOT read any further. Its just some crap. I dont know what to write. I dont know if I wanna write something in the first place. I dont know whats clouding my … Continue reading

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This climate makes me go GRRRR…

It feels like 567 degrees. Horrible climate. I start sweating the moment I step outside the bathroom, after a nice cool shower (that lasts for about 15 minutes) I mean. I’ve lost count of the number of Dermi Cool and Shower to … Continue reading

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